Scarborough Visitor Guide


St Mary’s with Holy Apostles Castle Road, Scarborough YO11 1TH 01723 500541
St Saviour’s With All Saints Gladstone Road, Scarborough YO12 7BQ 01723 360437
St Columbus Dean Road, Scarborough YO12 7JH 01723 375070
St Martin On-The-Hill Craven Street, Scarborough YO11 2BT 01723 360437
St Michael and All Angels Wheatcroft, Scarborough YO11 3AB 01723 363010
St Mark’s Coldyhill Lane, Newby, Scarborough YO12 6HT 01723 375137
St Luke’s Stepney Drive, Scarborough YO12 5DP 01723 362740
St James Seamer Road, Scarborough YO12 4DT 01723 361469
St Laurence’s Scalby, Scarborough YO13 0PT 01723 362740
St Mary’s High Street, Cloughton YO13 0AL 01723 870698
St John the Baptist Church Lane, Cayton YO11 3RQ 01723 586569
Church of the Holy Nativity Westway, Eastfield 01723 586569
St Martin's Main Street, Seamer YO12 4QG 01723 863102
St John the Baptist Main Street, East Ayton YO13 9HL 01723 863008
St Peter’s Hackness YO13 0JN 01723 882255
St Margaret’s Harwood Dale YO13 0DT 01723 870270
St John the Baptist Staintondale YO13 0EL 01723 870270
St Hilda’s Ravenscar 01723 870270

St Peter’s Castle Road, Scarborough YO11 1TH 01723 360358
St Edward's Avenue Victoria, Scarborough YO11 2QS 01723 360358/362632
St Joseph’s Green Lane, Newby YO12 6HY 01723 362632
St George’s Moor Lane, Eastfield YO11 3LW 01723 360358

Queens St Methodist Central Hall Queen Street Scarborough YO11 1HQ 01723 581719
Westborough Methodist Church Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1TS 01723 500520
Emmanuel St John's St John’s Road, Scarborough YO12 5ES 01723 361841
South Cliff methodist church Filey Road, Scarborough YO11 2SF 01723 372266
Northstead Methodist Church Givendale Road, Scarborough YO12 6LG 01723 372266
Wreyfield Drive Methodist Wreyfield Drive, Scarborough YO12 6NP 01723 361841
Scalby Methodist Church North Street, Scalby YO13 0RP 01723 372266
Burniston Methodist Church Burniston YO13 0HJ 01723 361214
Seamer Methodist Church Seamer YO12 4DT 01723 581719
Cayton Methodist Church Main Street, Cayton YO11 3TJ 01723 581719
St John The Baptist Staintondale (Joint with St Hilda’s, Ravenscar) 01723 361841

Albemarle Baptist Church Albemarle Crescent, Scarborough YO11 1XX 01723 585362
Ebenezer Baptist Church Columbus Ravine, Scarborough YO12 7JT 01723 366072

UNITED REFORMED CHURCH (Congregational/Presbyterian)
St Andrew’s URC Church Ramshill Road, Scarborough YO11 2LN 01723 360094

Assemblies of God Seamer Road, Scarborough YO12 4EA
Scarborough Christian Fellowship Elim Pentecostal Church, Castle Road 01723 500255

Salvation Army Citadel Alma Parade, Scarborough YO11 1SJ 01723 378603
Westborough Spiritual Healing Centre Pavilion Square, Scarborough 07846 754993
Religious Society of Friends Quaker Close, Woodlands Drive YO12 5QZ 01723 362756
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 19 Stepney Drive YO12 5BN 01723 501026
Gospel Hall Durham Street, Scarborough YO12 7PX 01723 371288
Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall, Seamer Road, Scarborough YO12 4DS 01723 376801

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